A Womb with a View

On February 4th, we were blessed with a wonderful miracle. New ultrasound technology allowed us to see a 3D image of Jordan. He looked so beautiful and we joked about who’s features he had. Jen thought he looked like his daddy, though.

Later that month, we had our first scare. On February 26th, Jen had an uneasy feeling. She hadn’t felt Jordan kick for several hours. We immediately went to the Maternity Center at the hospital.

On the way, I prayed silently. I was scared that tonight would be the night Jordan would come. I prayed for time with my Son. I prayed for Jen’s health. I prayed that everything was alright.

Jen was given a non-stress test and everything seemed fine. Several hours later, we were released from the hospital. We went home praising God for the miracle of our son.

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