Final Goodbye

Just One More Moment

Tuesday March 15 was a very blessed surprise. We had to go to the funeral home to make arrangements and sign papers. While there we were given the opportunity to see our son again. Jen was afraid that he may not look very good, so Charles volunteered to go in first and look at him. To our amazement after four days, Jordan looked the way he did the first day he was born, much better even, than he did on the second day of his life.

We took more photos of him with his Mommy and Daddy, and wrapped in a special blanket that Charles’ Grandmother had knitted for him when he was a baby.

This was so amazing because we could really hold him, love him and release him. It was the answer to our prayer for just one more moment with our son.

We are now overwhelmed with the deepest peace we have ever felt. I know there will be times of sorrow and of rejoicing ahead. But we are thanking God for the 32 weeks Jen carried Jordan in her womb, for the 32 hours we spent with him on Earth, an eternity to look forward to in Heaven, and now for our special visit with him to say “See you soon my dear son” one last time.

Thank You Jesus so much for the gift of Jordan.

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