Saying Goodbye

Jordan had 32 hours with us, and around the 29th hour it became obvious that his time with us was short. We called our Pastor and a few friends and arranged a dedication service. Jordan was being dedicated in our little hospital room with more than 25 dear friends, family members and wonderful doctors, nurses and other staff. A few people spontaneously began singing praise to God “Holy Ground”.

After the ventilator was removed, Jordan lived for enough time to be held and kissed by his Mommy, Daddy, three big brothers, Grandmother, and Great Aunt. The room was filled with Angels, we are sure of it, and we could all sense such a peace and joy as Jordan was welcomed into Heaven.

Some very dear friends, and there is no way to really say how dear they are, spent a few hours with us after Jordan passed away to make molds of his hands and feet. They turned out beautifully. We will be able to hold his hands for as long as we live. If we had a million dollars, it would not be enough to pay them for this gift. We often hold and kiss those tiny fingers.

Two friends came that night to pick up Jordan for us and bring him to the funeral home. We just couldn’t imagine handing him to strangers. This was such a blessing to be able to hand him over to loved ones, instead.

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